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Stereoscopic Medical VR Solution for Surgery and Education

Solves the problems of inadequate educational resources. Detailed filming of real life surgery incorporated with VR education system. Providing a more precise and efficient medical education, and establish a global research network.

Minimally Invasive Surgical System

Stereoscopic Real-Time VR Streaming

Real-Time Streaming
Funique outputs the dual-lens signal from the Minimally Invasive Surgical System into Funique’s Stereoscopic Real-Time VR Streaming System, allowing a live 3D stream of the surgery in VR.

Medical Education Solution
Allows for students to learn on-site and in perfect first-person view through VR.

Surgical Education Filming

Live Monitoring, Recording and Storage System

Stereo VR Surgical

Education Database

Hospital Internal Education System


Professional Education Environment and Downloaded Content

Stereo VR Classroom

Standard Classroom System (One-to-Many Sync)


Hardware System: Server

Server system for recording and live streaming. Fanless design with optimal heat dissipation to reduce noise in the operation room. Fits perfectly in the Minimally Invasive Surgical cabinet.

Hardware System: Client

Hardware System: Client

Client system embedded with stereoscopic VR player. Watch live streams or replays of surgical procedures in VR. 


Hardware System: Network Attached Storage (NAS)

40TB of NAS:

For storage and backup of the recordings

Stereoscopic Macro VR

Filming Solution

4k resolution with up to 40 times magnification to record all the details of an open surgery.


Macro VR Camera Rig (3D / 4K):

  • Small and compact custom VR camera

  • 4K resolution & stereoscopic

  • Saves uncompressed RAW file

​Up to 40x Magnification:

  • Shows every detail of the procedure

The goal is to connect various hospitals

and share surgical teaching content


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