8K Stereoscopic

VR Total Solution

The total solution for high quality VR content (8K per eye). We focus on world class technology, automatic production and high resolution that trigger industry updates.



VR filming technical support

  • Suggestion for VR Narrative 
    (360 Camera Language, VRization Script)

  • VR Storytelling



VR Camera


  • ​24 of cameras

  • Stereoscopic Camera

  • 7680 x 7680 8K

  • H264 / 30fps

Stereoscopic VR Camera


  • ​8 of cameras

  • Stereoscopic Camera

  • 7680 x 7680 8K

  • RAW 12bit / 30fps、RAW 8bit / 60fps


  • ​2 of cameras

  • Stereoscopic Camera

  • 7680 x 3840 8K

  • RAW 12bit / 30fps、RAW 8bit / 60fps

Exclusive VR Film Technology

Macro Stereo VR Camera

Macro photography at its finest form with details that have been magnified to 100 times larger. 4DoF allows viewers to move forward/backward besides yaw, pitch and roll. Camera with HDMI outputs live signal to HMD and OSVRS.

Stereo VR -

Antman point of view

Put yourself into miniature size and explore Ant-Man point of view. Fantasize yourself in different reality with extraordinary details.

  • 10K Resolution
  • Active stabilizer

  • Custom 8-axis drone

  • Customize 360 camera

  • 3-axis stabilization

Aerial VR


Monitoring System


On-Set VR System / Real-time Monitoring System


Real-time Stitching

  • Live monitoring (HMD and PC Monitor)

  • Replay

Real-time Adjustments

  • Color correction

  • Positional calibration

  • Stabilization

Real-time Compositing

  • 3D models

  • Labels

  • Chroma keying






Auto-Rendering System

Our automatic rendering system uses algorithms to replace traditional stitching to achieve amazing graphics.  

Calibration / Pixel Matching / Color Matching

Depth Calculation / Alignment





30fps per eye

60fps per eye

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