Launch Micro Adventure

Kaohsiung VR Film Lab Grand Opening

Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival

Stereo VR Film "The making of"

Directed by Midi Z

Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Stereo VR Film "Mr.Buddha"

Directed by Jung Li

Public Television Service

Ecological Film "The Small Big"

Kaohsiung Film Festival

Stereo VR Film "Live stream from Yuki <3"

Directed by Tsung-Han Tsai

Kaohsiung Film Festival

Stereo VR Film "Afterimage for tomorrow"

Directed by Singing Chen

Stereo VR Short Film

"Kaohsiung Hamasen Museum of

Taiwan Railway"

Building Sundance HK VR Cinema for

"Your Spiritual Temple Sucks"

Stereo VR Film "The Tag Alone"

Your Spiritual Temple Sucks

winning "Best story telling award"

in World VR Forum, Switzerland

Demo in BIO Boston 2018

OPEN HOUSE Radiant Images

Selected by Sundance Film Festival

Selected and invited to Slush Finnland 2017

Launch Stereo VR Content

"Micro Museum"

Stereo VR Film "Your Spiritual Temple Sucks"

Directed by John Hsu

Consulting for Stereo VR Film Technology 

"The Deserted" Directed by Ming Liang Tsai

Cooperate with Radiant Images 

The Equipment Rental Company of HollywoodAmerica

NVIDIA GTC 2017.Top10 VR Startup

SXSW Conference & Festivals.

Representative Startup Company

TechCrunch Disrupt  Representative Company

Mono VR Commercial Short Film

Volkswagen "Sky Eye Agent"

Mono VR Commercial Short Film

Benz "Escape"

Mono VR JJ Lin's MV

"A Song for You Till the End of Time"

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