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Story Studio

Stereo VR for Everyone!

Your Spiritual Temple Sucks

A Comedy short film from Director John Hsu (Stereo VR)

Funique was invited by Kaohsiung Film Festival to collaborate with John Hsu, one of the up and rising director in Taiwan film industry. This film is the first 8K per eye Stereo VR film ever produced in Taiwan.

With John’s out of box comedy storytelling and Funique’s amazing Stereoscopic technology, dragging the audiences into the rabbit hole of spiritual temple.

Insects Encyclopedia

Through Macro Stereoscopic POV


Funique’s newest macro technology turn insects into giants!

With our 40 times magnifying macro photography, allowing viewers to observe insects through VR headsets. This Insects Encyclopedia is perfect for audiences of all ages in both education and entertainment purposes. Come explore the wonders of mother nature with us!

Coming Soon in July, 2018

The Tag-Along / VR

Co-Production Films

with Film Festivals

Coming Soon in 2018

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